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Fixed Screen Width Mode in Firefox

Need to browse a site at a particular screen dimension? Launch Firefox, then press Command + Option + M  (on a Mac) to enter Fixed Screen Width Mode. Different dimensions (e.g. 320 x 480) are available via the presets dropdown or drag the sides or corners to customize the dimensions. Click the arrow button to […]

REM to Pixels calculator

Few are the occasions when I’ve needed to convert pixels to REM, usually only when I’m working with a child theme based on one of the default WordPress themes (like Twenty Sixteen). Even fewer are the occasions when I’ve needed to reverse the sausage crank and convert REM back to pixels. And yet, it was […]

Pixels to REM calculator

The default WordPress theme Twenty Sixteen is clean, simple, and responsive; as such it makes a perfect “starter” theme for all but the most arcane designs. However, it uses REM — a.k.a. relative em units — for the all the measurements and sizing in its stylesheet and, unfortunately, unless one is a genius, REMs have […]