Renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL on a GoDaddy shared cPanel hosting account

What’s not to love about the free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt? They’re pretty simple to install, they’re secure, and — best of all — they’re free. The only downside is that they’re good for just 90 days (they do have their reasons) so renewal is a process one will get used to pretty quickly. […]

Deploying Let’s Encrypt SSL to a GoDaddy shared cPanel hosting account

Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, free, reliable SSL certificates are now widely available. And while some hosting companies (like Dreamhost) have made the process of installing and renewing Let’s Encrypt certificates point-and-click simple, others <cough>GoDaddy</cough> aren’t quite so forward-thinking so one has to get one’s hands dirty. In fairness, one can install the Let’s Encrypt client […]

Installing the Let’s Encrypt client on a Mac

While it’s preferrable to install the Let’s Encrypt client on the hosting environment (so certificate renewal can be automated via cron), there are some configurations where this isn’t possible. (I’m looking at you, GoDaddy shared cPanel.) Fortunately, Let’s Encrypt can be installed and used to generate SSL certificates locally for these situations. OS X doesn’t […]