Excluding directories from version control

The relief and joy I feel after placing a project under version control is usually tempered by the frustration that almost immediately, almost invariably follows the first time I run svn status and see system-generated files in the tmp or cache directories turning up. [I had this happen recently with a site I was building […]

Placing a project under local version control

Before I start work for a client I always push to set up some sort of versioning (usually Subversion), regardless of whether there’s going to be a team doing the development or just me. I store the repository on a separate server, just to give the project the best chance at recovery should something untoward […]

Exporting an individual directory from a repository

If you find yourself needing to export either an individual directory from a repos (say, as part of placing a project under version control) SVN’s export command is the tool for the job. Here’s the standard export syntax: svn export /path/to/repos /target/directory If /target/directory doesn’t exist, SVN, ever accommodating, will create it for you before […]