jQuery’s noConflict Mode

It’s easy to take jQuery’s claim on “$” for granted. Pretty much every plugin or tutorial one can find online assumes “$” maps to the jQuery object. And, most of the time, one can code with this assumption and everything will work out fine. Every once in a while though, you write your Javascript, paste […]

Animated scrolling with jQuery

It’s simple enough to use anchor tags to permit a user to move from one part of a page to another. Well, perhaps not “move” as much as “jump jarringly”. Isn’t there some way of doing the same thing with a little more panache? Of course there is. jQuery has two functions, offset and animate, […]

Making links out of nothing at all

When assigning a click action in jQuery it’s important to communicate that potential to your user. The CSS property cursor makes this a snap. Here’s our boring old html element: <div class=”hey”> I’m not boring! </div> We add a little CSS: <style> .hey { cursor: pointer } </style> And suddenly it looks suspiciously like a […]